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DeWalt 5″ Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit DWE46151

April 8, 2013

 No More Tape Needed!

DeWalt DWE46151 5" Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit

The DeWalt 5″ Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit DWE46151 is a great tool that includes it’s own dust collection shroud with an additional flush grinding door. This allows superior dust collection to occur, and is used specifically for jobs that involve flush edge grinding. DeWalt engineered this power surface grinder in the  realization that not every work site has a DeWalt brand vacuum hookup available for your DeWalt power tool’s dust shroud. To fix this common problem, DeWalt has made the DeWalt DWE46151 with a universal vacuum hose connection, meaning this tool easily locks onto ANY vacuum with a twist and click, thus eliminating the need to wrap several pieces of duct tape around the hose, as you struggle to make a connection  from the hose to the shroud.

Built Fast With a DeWalt Motor

The  DeWalt Grinding Dust Shroud Kit runs at 10 total amps and a whopping 10,000 RPM’s, thanks to the quality built Dewalt motor. In addition, the DeWalt motor aids in faster material removal and gives the power tool a higher overload protection. The Grinding Dust Shroud also has a handy quick change wheel release that allows you to remove the wheel when necessary, without the added bother of finding the right tools. Finally, the DWE46151 has been engineered with an easy to replace brush skirt system that helps maintain a high level of dust collection to keep the tool in use for years to come.

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