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DeWalt 7″ / 9″ Variable Speed Polisher DWP849

September 10, 2012


The name that is synonymous with black and yellow is at it again with the DeWalt  DWP849 7″ / 9″ Variable Speed Polisher. Just like Mighty Mouse, this polisher may be little but packs a real punch. What this polisher offers and brings to the table is real usable power with its 12.0 Amp motor, all contained in a frame of 18 inches in length and 6.6 pounds of total weight. In addition because of an all ball-bearing construction, this tool provides a longer life, even through the trials of day to day abuse at the job site. Additionally, consistency is not a problem with the DWP849, as it boasts an electronic control, which is specifically engineered to maintain your desired speed, even under load, while still being able to finish strong. How? By allowing the user to control the speed of the polisher with its variable speed trigger. All the operator has to do is adjust the dial anywhere from zero, to the dialed maximum or anywhere in between.

For the enthusiast, this polisher offers speeds up to a maximum speed of 0-600/3500 RPM’s. This ability to calibrate the speed to an optimal setting provides a level of versatility to the DWP849, as professionals will be able to use it on differing materials, under various conditions, with a range of applications. Such a feature offers a consistent fade free action, while applying the polisher to the right material at the right speed.

Some additional options in DeWalt’s mighty DWP780 polisher are the new heat-treated and precision-cut steel gears, which are designed for a smooth operation, as well as the external brush caps offering easy servicing. Lastly the large spindle lock button, allows for quick and easy backing plate changes and this polisher has a 2 position side handle and a rubber backing pad.

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