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DeWalt 7″ Heavy-Duty Large Angle Grinder D28494S

February 1, 2013

Large Angle Grinders

Made for the Professional

DeWalt 7" Heavy-Duty Large Angle Grinder D28494S

DeWalt has come out with a line of large angle grinders, and they are heavy duty! Made specifically for the professional tradesmen in fields such as metal fabricators, oil and gas, concrete repair, mechanical, structural steel fabricators, and road and bridge construction. DeWalt hit the ground running when they included durability, strong performance, and endurance in their new large angle grinders. These three components support the industrial professional in working on difficult tasks such as concrete, pipe, steel plate, weld cleaning, and beveling steel. DeWalt engineered a lightweight body and design, to increase the operators overall happiness and tool  productivity, as they use the large angle grinder in situations of extended use.

Get a Handle on it!

The DeWalt 7″ Heavy-Duty Large Angle Grinder D28494S has a 5 position side handle offering a truly improved grip on the tool and is designed to be ergonomic for many of this angle grinder’s specific applications. The high power maximum 4 HP, 6,000 rpm motor, offers overload protection as it provides higher operating speeds even under load. In addition, an epoxy coated field and armature provide long service life against abrasions caused from frequent exposure to work site airborne debris. If that isn’t enough to wet your pallet, then consider that DeWalt has designed the D2849S with a great keyless adjustable guard allowing for easy and smooth guard adjustments to be made with out the use of tools. Plus, a low profile gear case allows for work in tight areas.

Simplicity goes hand in hand with innovative notions, and is represented in this power tool. DeWalt has included  automatic “turn-off brushes” which go ahead and  shut down the tool, automatically, when the brushes need to be changed, thus avoiding serious complications and power tool damage! The Large Angle Grinder D2849S can work anywhere at anytime, regardless of weather conditions as it is built with a 2 wire double insulated ‘S’ jacket rubber cord, which offers an increased durability and life in hot and cold climates.



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