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DeWalt 7 Inch 8,500 4.9 HP Angle Grinder DWE4597

April 2, 2013

“Perform and Protect” Design

DeWalt 7 Inch 8,500 4.9 HP Angle Grinder DWE4597

The DeWalt 7 Inch 8,500 4.9 HP Angle Grinder DWE4597  is now a part of Dewalt’s exclusive “Perform & Protect” line of Power Tools. The Perform and Protect line is designed to provide a high level of tool control, dust containment, and low vibration. All of these are provided  without sacrificing the angle grinders power or performance. In addition, the DWE4597 motor is simply powerful, and is designed to provide a maximum motor running output of 4.9 HP and 8,500 rpm’s. Furthermore, this powerful motor provides the angle grinder with overload protection, enabling higher operating speeds even under load. Also, the DeWalt E-Clutch System automatically shuts the tool off when a wheel pinch is detected, reducing kick-back. The angle grinder includes an anti-vibration side handle, designed to reduce the users exposure to vibration.

Power Loss Reset

DeWalt has included a power-loss reset option that prevents accidental re-starts that follow a power disruption, specifically when the tool is left in the “on” position. In addition, a power-off, advanced electronic overload protection, shuts the tool off before it reaches overload or burn-up. All of these included features, work in conjunction with Dewalt’s dust ejection system to increase the brush life and protect the motor. Specifically, Dewalt’s dust ejection system protects the motor from damaging particles entering the air intake, that would otherwise abrade the motor.

With Lots of Features

Dewalt included lots of features in the DWE4597 including a low profile gear case, which allows for work in tight areas, an automatic turn-off that works to shut down the angle grinder when the brushes need to be changed, a brush door that allows for quick brush replacement, and a three position side handle that provides the angle grinder with improved ergonomics. If that wasn’t enough, at only 12 pounds, DeWalt  built the DWE4597 with a light weight design, which lessens user fatigue. They also added a quick change guard to allow the user the ability to quickly adjust the guard, and to redirect any sparks. Finally a soft grip trigger handle provides greater comfort and control for the user and the anti-vibe trigger works to further improve comfort and reduce the user fatigue caused by heavy power tool vibration.

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