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DeWalt 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B

March 21, 2013

Patented Foam Filled Lid And Stainless Steel Paddle

DeWalt 70" Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B

The DeWalt 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B  keeps your valuable tools safe and strong with a DeWalt patented foam filled lid structure that forms a solid insulated core for added strength and rigidity. Furthermore, DeWalt’s 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover has a stainless steel paddle handle lock, which is designed to offer superior strength, security, and long-term corrosion resistance, keeping the truck box safe from the weather elements, wear and tear of continual use, as well as keeping it safe from would be thieves. Another plus that aids in protecting your DCS70B box from the elements, is the superior weather stripping, which helps to seal out the corrosion caused by moisture, dust, and dirt.

The DCS70B Has a Specialized DeWalt Built Lid Lift at 90 Degrees

DeWalt included dual lift struts on the Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box, with a lid that  automatically opens at 90 degrees. Additionally, the DCS70B has an enclosed connecting rod, designed to aid in preventing thieves from attacking the truck box by bending or jamming the locking system, ultimately keeping your tool investment safer than ever. There is also a  handy three compartment sliding tray designed for convenient small item storage and retrieval, which keeps your smaller tools and accessories from falling to the bottom of the truck box and becoming lost or damaged.

A Perfect Fit

The  DeWalt 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B  has a 70″ length and can hold 8.6 cubic feet of tools and materials. It comes in a standard size and box profile, and is offered in a matte black finish.

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