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DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck

May 20, 2012

The DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck comes in the DeWalt signature colors of yellow and black, and comes with its very own, perfectly sized,  handy black hammer truck. Making easy transportation of your DeWalt D25980K not only possible, but convenient as well, by eliminating the need and hassle of having to track down a hand truck each and every time you want to use or move your tool. Also, included with this heavy duty pavement breaker, is the option of using one of the included pegged footplates or  flat footplates, both at your disposal, depending on your needs. A bull point chisel, a 1” cold chisel, and a 3” wide chisel, get you up and going as soon as you turn the power on. The impact energy generated by this pavement breaker is a tremendous 61 feet per pounds, offering you the absolute maximum performance that you can expect from a pavement breaker currently on the market. The DeWalt D25980K motor, is a top of the line, 15 amp motor that is built to offer maximum power, in addition to safeguarding the machine from overload. Even when running at the top load speed of 900 bpm’s! The shocks are designed with Dewalt’s Active Vibration Control technology, offering your body a much less wear and tear during operation, this in turn helps reduce the overall demands placed on the user and significantly reduces the amount of end of the day fatigue that they experience. Finally, The rubber coated handles will provide your working experience with a greater level of overall comfort and control and the D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker comes complete with an electronic soft start, which increases productivity by reducing the bit walking.

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