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DeWalt DC9096-2 18V XRP Battery Pack

November 22, 2012


Top Five Reasons You Need The

DeWalt 18 Volt Battery Pack DC9096

DeWalt DC9096-2 18V XRP Battery Pack (2 Pack)

5. Replace old batteries

If you have been looking to replace your old DeWalt 18 volt batteries this is the perfect time. Sold in a set of two you can pick this deal up and be set for some time to come. If your tools are running sluggish, a fresh battery will kick things into gear and bring your tool back to life! And after all you can only charge an old battery for so long before it rolls over and dies.

4. Last for years

DeWalt 18 Volt batteries last for years, some up to five, depending how often you use and charge them, they have a 40% better run time, and the bottom line is that the standard of quality you will receive from these DeWalt DC9096-2′s means you can’t go wrong.


3. You need multiple batteries

Most people have more than one tool, and thanks to tool consumers passion for sticking with brands they trust, most people like to limit the amount of different charging systems their tools run on.  Thanks to this twin pack from DeWalt, you skip the hassle of sharing batteries, meaning you will be able to get down to business much sooner.

2. Affordable

Price, Price, Price! How often when shopping online, is this the primary factor for your purchasing decision? If so, it’s a good thing that this DeWalt twin pack comes in as one of the most affordability values in the market right now. At such a great price point, there is no better time to pull that trigger, and make that purchase.

1. Compatible with all DeWalt 18 Volt tools

These DeWalt 18 Volt batteries are compatible with the entire line of DeWalt’s 18 Volt power tool system, making an excellent point, if you find yourself having to explain yourself to your spouse later while she’s auditing the checking account.






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