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DeWalt 8V MAX Screwdriver with Gyroscopic Technology DCF680N1

July 8, 2013

 The New Gyroscopic Screwdriver

DeWalt DCF680N1 8V MAX Screwdriver with Gyroscopic Technology

Although gyroscopic technology is not entirely a new concept  in electric devices, it is a new technology for power tools and the new DeWalt 8V MAX Screwdriver with Gyroscopic Technology DCF680N1 is one of the first power tools to utilize it. DeWalt’s new DCF680N1 screwdriver covers new territory as it leverages it’s gyroscopic technology to offer a far superior performance when compared against the traditional stick screwdrivers. This new Gyroscopic Screwdriver offers professional woodworkers, electricians, maintenance workers, handy men, repair services personal, hardware technicians, and HVAC industry workers a professional grade tool that they can count on.

Variable Speed Controls That Amaze

The gyroscopic sensors inside of the screwdriver actually sense the operator’s wrist movements, as the wrist moves right the tool tightens the screws, and when the wrist turns left it loosens and removes them. The motion activation variable speed provides the reversing control that is a far more precise fastenting experience, than previous more traditional screwdrivers can offer. Furthermore, the motion activated variable speed runs at  0-430 rpm, for fastening into several various materials including wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal. In addition, the adjustable two-position handle allows for operation in either the  in-line  grip or pistol-grip. Finally, the DeWalt DCF680N1 8V MAX Screwdriver with Gyroscopic Technology offers a clear light to work by, as it illuminates dark and confined areas, all without producing a shadowing effect. The DCF680N1 also has a battery “state of charge”, on the tool that allows the operator to know when he needs to recharge his packs again.

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