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New From Dewalt; The DCR018 18V/20V/12V Worksite Radio And The DCL023 8V MAX Work LIght.

September 8, 2013

New From Dewalt

Dewalt DCR018 Worksite Radio

As we always like to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest new products from the over 200 manufacturers that we stock and carry, in this post we will highlight two new great products from DeWalt. The new DeWalt DCR018 18V/20V/12V Max Compact Worksite Radio and the DeWalt DCL023 8V Max Work Light are our two newest additions that garner the yellow and black.

First Dewalt’s new DCR018 18V/20V/12V Worksite Radio runs off of 12V, 18V, or 20V MAX NiCad or Li-Ion batteries making it compatible with DeWalt’s extremely vast system of batteries. In addition it can also be run on AC/DC power to give the operator the flexibility to save the battery charge when an outlet is handy. In addition, DeWalt included a device storage box in the design of the DCR018 that protects the digital audio device from jobsite debris and damage. But the coolest feature just may be the USB power port that allows you to connect a phone, or MP3 while the radio is plugged into an AC wall outlet, that allows you to play your music or charge your device. This feature is facilitated by the inclusion of a 3.5 mm Aux. input that allows for connection to the CD, MP3, portable satellite receivers, and other digital audio devices, and DeWalt was even kind enough to throw one in the box. Finally, DeWalt’s DCR018 also comes with a heavy duty design with all the trimmings, including a a roll cage that allows the radio the increased durability to stand up to even the toughest jobsite abuse.

Dewalt DCL023 Worklight

The second new addition from DeWalt, is the DCL023 8V Max Work Light¬†which may prove essential when your other lights fail. Besides it’s cool exterior and snazzy design, what you see is pretty much what you get, as the DCL023 has an LED light, a run time of 5 hours, operates on 8 volts, and emits up to 80 lumens.

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