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DeWalt 18V Li-Lon Cordless Band Saw Kit DCS370L

December 31, 2012

Differences between a cordless bandsaw and a traditional bandsaw

Cordless bandsaws are not the same tool as your traditional bandsaw. Traditional bandsaws were mainly for woodworkers looking to cut smoother more precise curves as well as looking to cut tenons, smaller rabbets, rip small pieces of stock material, and re-saw thin strips of wood. In contrast, cordless bandsaws are not made for wood, but are primarily used to cut pipe. Additionally, because of they are cordless, they are usually made lightweight for professionals to use on various portable cutting applications.  For instance, cordless band saws are usually engineered to be lightweight enough for a person to hold them aloft as they cut pipes directly above their head, thus making them an ideal choice to make cuts in the ceilings of building. Weighing in under 10 pounds, cordless bandsaws are made for maximum portability and are best suited for professional plumbers, electricians, sprinkler fitters, and any others that may use the cordless bandsaw to cut threaded rod, uni-strut, and conduit.

DeWalt throws their hat into the ring

DeWalt 18V Li-Lon Cordless Band Saw Kit DCS370L

DeWalt released their 15″ cordless bandsaw back in March of 2010. When they did, they stressed that they had designed a powerful tool that was durable and tough enough to meet the needs and demands of commercial cutting. The result is a lightweight 9 pound DeWalt 18V Li-Lon Cordless Band Saw Kit DCS370L. The DCS370L is a part of the 18 Volt line which has more than 40 other tools in it. It includes an 18V XRP Li-Ion battery, a 1 hour charger, a 14/18 blade, a blade tracking wrench, and a contractors bag. Additionally, much emphasis was dedicated to the ergonomics of this tool’s design, in order to provide superior balance to give its user far more accurate cuts and less user fatigue, and if this wasn’t enough, Dewalt added a soft grip back handle, which provides the operator with ideal comfort and flexibility.

The DCS370L features a capacity for 2-1/2″ cuts and  cuts up to 2″ of SCH 40 pipe.  Also, an integrated hang hook allows the user to hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base. Blades are another factor with this cordless bandsaw, which features a blade tracking adjustment which increases the blades overall  life by providing better blade tracking, and a “tool less” blade changing lever loosens the blades tension to allow for easy blade changes. Finally, a dual bearing blade guide with rollers provides increased durability in the overall blades support system.

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