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DeWalt 12V MAX 5.8mm Inspection Camera with Wireless Screen Kit DCT412S1

October 3, 2012

DeWalt 12V MAX 5.8mm Inspection Camera with Wireless Screen Kit DCT412S1

The incredible selection of mini inspection cameras that a prospective consumer is confronted with currently can be overwhelming, often requiring a seemingly insurmountable amount of research if you don’t know exactly what your looking for… But that is where we can help…

A Professional’s Kit

The DeWalt DCT412S1 12V MAX 5.8mm Inspection Camera with Wireless Screen Kit gives you the immediate setup a professional is looking for, when they are in the market to purchase an inspection camera kit. The kit includes a DCT412 inspection camera, and a 5.8mm – 3′ camera cable, one 12V MAX Li-Ion battery pack, a really fast and handy charger, plus a kit box to hold everything in one place and helping to keep all of your equipment together.

Tight Areas NOT a Problem

Tight areas become easier than ever to navigate with the 5.8mm cable diameter, made especially smaller, the DCT412S1 offers a better way to access extremely narrow spaces like pipe. Also included is a removable wireless screen that offers the operator views that are so good that you won’t be surprised if you develop acute claustrophobia and begin hyper-ventilating (paper bag sold separately).

Photo and Video Options

Everything revolves around having the best technology to aid professionals in solving problems. Being able to actually upload a video or picture to your computer or even send it to a client as a way  to display the problem area you are working on can be invaluable. For this very reason, DeWalt included the ability to capture photo and video on a micro SD card, which can help with documentation, problem solving, or even billing. In addition, the camera affords amazing picture quality as the Inspection Camera has a 3x zoom capability for better visibility and a 3.5″ screen for a crystal clear picture.

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