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DeWalt DEWB 20V Cordless Lithium Ion Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Bare Tool) DCS373B

February 6, 2013

Metal Cutting Circular Saws 411

Metal cutting circular saws are specially designed with a metal cutting blade that accomplishes a clean cut through metal, without heating the metal more than needed. The benefit of having a metal cutting circular saw, versus a general circular saw, is that the speed is specifically engineered for efficient metal cutting. A metal cutting circular saw can quickly cut through metal, while a regular circular saw is slower and can bind. Metal cutting circular saws are designed for far more cuts and require much less cool down time. In addition, this type of saw allows for a quicker transition time and creates noticeably less burrs, meaning you won’t have to spend much time filing down and cutting off excess pieces of metal. Also, with a metal cutting circular saw you will have less metal debris flying off, which aids in protecting the tool. So, to recap a metal cutting saw is faster, cleaner, and creates less fly off than other circular saws.

DeWalt Metal Cutting Circular Saw

DeWalt DEWB 20V Cordless Lithium Ion Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Bare Tool) DCS373B

The DeWalt DCS373B 20V Cordless Lithium Ion Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Bare Tool) is a great metal cutting tool and offers a powerful 460 MWO motor that is specially designed to deliver power and speed. Additionally, it makes the most demanding cuts cleanly, and with ease. It also has a magnesium upper guard and shoe bracket which provides durability on heavy duty job site applications. A bright LED light has a handy sight-line window that offers an improved way to see the cut you are making, as you are making it. Finally, this DeWalt Metal cutting Saw has a 20 volt battery voltage, a tool weight of 8.6 pounds, and a maximum cutting depth of 1-11/16″.

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