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DeWalt Digital Laser Detector and Clamp DW0772

August 6, 2012


DeWalt Digital Laser Detector and Clamp DW0772

DeWalt has come out with the “tough guy” of all heavy duty laser detectors. This laser detector was made to help complete all of your small to large construction site leveling needs. The DeWalt DW0772 Digital Laser Detector and Clamp  is a small sturdy tool willing to work hard throughout your work day. What it truly provides is a degree of excellence, as the tool works hard to present consistent no fail accuracy.

The DW0772 Truly provides accurate leveling for you near or far, without ever compromising the beam size. It is compatible with all rotary lasers including interior, exterior, as well as visible and invisible, and extends the operating range of most lasers up to a max of 1000 feet. The DW0772 is a heavy duty tool built  with job site durability in mind, it has been made with a 100% water proof casing and comes with an even tougher clamp. If you drop the DeWalt Digital Laser Detector into the mud, concrete, or pile of debris, no problem… just hose it off and you should be good to go. Even the windows are resilient on this device, as they are made specifically to prevent nail and screw punctures.

The unit comes with an automatic shutoff that turns the detector off if it becomes inactive for 30 minutes in order to conserve battery life. A straight forward  LCD display is lit up for the operators viewing ease. An adjustable volume control is simple to change to your desired setting and offers high, low, and mute options. The highest setting is loud enough to be heard on even the noisiest job sites. The DeWalt DW0772 Digital Laser Detector and Clamp includes a digital laser detector, one 9 volt battery, and a heavy-duty detector clamp.

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