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DeWalt Heat Gun Kit with LCD display D26960K

October 1, 2012

Heat Gun Uses

DeWalt D26960K Heat Gun Kit with LCD display

Heat guns are a superior tool to turn to for innovative projects and are handy for a plethora of differing tasks. Heat guns can shrink wrap everything from packages to entire boats, they help manufacture airplane wings, sanitize hospitals, as well as can be utilized to heat gases and liquids to exact temperatures. Heat guns are extensively used in the auto industry to repair vinyl and upholstery, soften adhesives, apply and remove tint, and restore faded plastics. Stripping, such as stripping a door of its caulking, is yet another major use for a heat gun. Uses for Heat guns can go on and on from industrial applications to arts and crafts, as people think of new ways to utilize heat guns everyday in unique ways.

The DeWalt D26960K Heat Gun Kit with LCD display  includes the popular Cone Nozzle, a Fishtail Surface Nozzle, as well as 10 other common accessories, and comes complete with a Kitbox. What is unusual about this particular heat gun is the new addition of an LCD Display which has been designed to allow its users to adjust the heat guns temperature within 50 degree increments. Additional features are a built-in overload protection that shuts the heating element down and prevents eventual burn up as well as a built-in hang ring that adds a convenient storage feature. The included cord protector keeps the cord from tearing away from the housing and reaches up to ten feet long in total length. Running at a 120 volts, 1550 watts, and boasting 13 amps this little 2.3 pound heat gun can reach 150 to 1100 degrees. A built-in innovative kickstand offers added support that provides an option of greater stability and prevents the heat gun from tipping over. Additionally, an ergonomic comfort grip provides greater comfort for your hand while working long hours.

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