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DeWalt Heavy-Duty 10″ Wet Tile Saw with Stand D24000S

December 4, 2012

Ready, Set, Saw!

DeWalt D24000S Heavy-Duty 10" Wet Tile Saw with Stand

Wet tile saws of any brand, are an expensive investment. So it is no surprise that the competitive landscape between manufacturers of wet tile saws can be a little crowded. As such, finding a good one isn’t always easy. That’s why we recommend this DeWalt D24000S Heavy-Duty 10″ Wet Tile Saw with Stand. Sold in a combo of stand and saw, means that when you purchase this saw, you are ready to smoothly cut tile as soon as you get it set up. Some features of the Dewalt D24000S is it’s cantilevering rail/cart system, which allows for a 24″ ripping capacity on 18″ tile (measured diagonally). Additionally, the DeWalt D24000S is a heavy-duty cutting saw, but is still made to be transported easily. Also included with purchase is a 5-gallon water pan, which allows for a swift set-up and break-down.

Serious Cutting

Real cutting power is essential with stone and tile cutting saws. And the DeWalt Heavy-duty, Wet Tile Saw delivers with an integrated 45/22.5° miter, which is engineered for quick angled cuts and a plunge applications. This allows the user to make quick successful and accurate plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers. Furthermore, a stainless steel rail system is integrated into the D24000S Heavy-Duty saw frame, ensuring your cuts are accurate each and every time, this coupled with it’s powerful 1.5 HP motor, means you’ll be able to tear through tough materials such as porcelain and stone. Additionally, DeWalt’s edge guide has been structured with a 2-position 45 degree guide, making your corner cuts easier than ever to line up.  Need to bust out some V Caps and pavers with your wet tile saw, no problem! With a  3-1/8″ depth stop made specifically for these types of cuts, there will be no doubt that this DeWalt tile saw can easily handle anything you throw at it, in stride.

Leave The Umbrella At Home

Leave your poncho and raincoat at home while operating this machine, because it doesn’t generate the mist and splash back effect other wet tile machines struggle with, helping you keep your clothes dry while you work. Additionally, the included dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water placement on the blade, which is great because it minimizes the  water’s over-spray. Another helpful aid that Dewalt implemented in this saw specifically to keep you dry, is a rear and side water attachment. These attachments  can be placed on this DeWalt saw to catch over-spray from larger tiles, keeping the water off your clothes and in the pan.

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