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Planers Safety: DeWalt Heavy-Duty 12-1/2″ Thickness Planer with Three Knife Cutter-Head DW734

October 8, 2012

Planers Safety

When using a planer like the DeWalt DW734 Heavy-Duty 12-1/2″ Thickness Planer with Three Knife Cutter-Head,  keep these safety tips in mind for a safer experience. First, because planers are really loud when turned on, use hearing protection such as ear plugs. Planers also kick up a tremendous amount of sawdust while they are shaving wood, as such eye protection is another safety must. Also, when you are utilizing a planer hold the stock even with the table as the rollers “grab on” to the stock, and then move your body to the side. Moving to the side is paramount, as many times wood will kick back possibly hitting you and causing injury. Also, It is a good idea to have extension tables, which will help prevent gouging, and aid you in keeping your stock flat and in line with the planer. Lastly, if your wood becomes stuck in the planer and it needs a little push, be sure to use a push stick to give it a shove, never risk your hand. The same rule goes for debris that becomes stuck in the planer, always use a push stick.

Powered Up Planer

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 12-1/2″ Thickness Planer with Three Knife Cutter-Head DW734

The DeWalt DW734 Heavy-Duty 12-1/2″ Thickness Planer with Three Knife Cutter-Head has a powerful 15.0 Amp, 10,000 rpm motor, to give you deeper cuts even in hardwoods. In addition, The three knife cutter-head provides an amazing 96 cuts per inch, offering one of the finest finishes of any portable planer. A disposable set of reversible knives that deliver 30% more life and makes changing your knives fast and easy. A four-column carriage lock promises to drastically reduce the movement that causes ugly snipe marks on your wood, an extra-long infeed and outfeed table provides 33-1/2″ of material support and also helps to prevent sniping. An included material removal gauge with thickness scaler, helps in ensuring your stock goes through smoothly while still giving you an accurate cut. Also included, to aid you in your most frequently performed cuts, is the turret depth stop, which offers the operator the option to easily return to their most frequently used depths with ease.

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