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DeWalt Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Cut-Out Tool DC550B

July 6, 2012

The sleek design of this  DeWalt Heavy-Duty 18V Cordless Cut-Out Tool DC550B makes it a yellow wonder! The DC550B cut-out tool is another in Dewalt’s line of 18V cordless tools and is a must have for your home shop. The DC550B is a bare tool, meaning it does not come with batteries, a charger, accessories, or case, but  provides great savings when you already own some of Dewalt’s other 18V tools because the batteries and some of the attachments are interchangeable.  It has an adjustable depth guide included and a collet diameter of ¼” and 1/8”.

The DC550B motor performs at 26,000 RPM’s, so if you are looking to do cut out work at a slow pace, this is not the tool for you. It has so much power, it quickly rips through plywood, plastic, sheetrock, and dry wall. In addition, because it lacks a variable speed on it, it is best suited for cut out jobs such as plunge cuts, where its swift movement is more advantageous. This tool is also quite handy while doing electrical work, where an electricians need for quick precision cuts will aid in getting the power turned back on. Another feature of the DC550B, is that it does not fade or slow down like many of the corded counterparts in its class. Finally, just to make life a little bit easier, DeWalt customized this tool with tool-free bit changes, no wrenches needed, so if you break a bit working, no problem, pop in another one and keep sawing. A dust-sealed switch delivers a long life for your tool and keeps it durable from the harmful effects that dust can cause to your tool’s motor.







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