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DeWalt Heavy Duty Cordless/Corded Work light DC020 & DeWalt18V XRP Battery Pack DC9096

October 15, 2012

DeWalt has hit another home run with the tough, bright burning, Heavy Duty Cordless/Corded Work light DC020. Most jobsite work lights fail you when you need them the most, many times fading, or blinking out momentarily when bumped too much. Do not expect this from the DeWalt DC020, as this light is both rugged and dependable.

Brighten Up!

The DeWalt DC020 has two optional power sources with a 12-18 Volt battery or an AC power adapter. The bulb is a 38-Watt fluorescent, which brightens up your work area with 2700 lumens. The unit does not come with an included charger or an included battery, but the rechargeable battery is an option you should consider as it can run for an hour on an 18 Volt DC9096 battery. In addition, this heavy-duty cordless/corded work light provides your area with amazing lighting without the extreme heat that a halogen light emits. Plus, when power outlets are present you have the versatility to decide whether or not to plug your light in, or instead just use the battery. The spring loaded battery is designed to hold down the batteries, in order to keep the DeWalt DC020’s batteries in place when on the go between differing work sites. A compact design offers quick and reliable fold-up for transporting as well as storage.

When you are ready to make your purchase consider picking up the DeWalt’s DC9096 with the DC020. The DC9096 is an 18 Volt that allows you to run multiple tools off of its battery pack and has a 40% longer running time than other standard batteries. The Dewalt DC9096 is compatible with the entire line of DeWalt 18 Volt Tools.

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