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DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction – Chiseling DWH053K

January 27, 2013

No More Concrete Face

DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction - Chiseling DWH053K

Working on poured concrete walls and floors with drills, chisels, and hammers is a messy, dusty job, and having to contend with a constant barrage of concrete flying off while debris rains down can just be irritating. DeWalt solved this dilemma however, with the DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction – Chiseling DWH053K, and this kit includes a dust extractor base, three chisel nozzles, a kit box, and a tool adaptor.

Your Dust Extraction Solution

The DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extractor provides a dust extraction solution for DeWalt’s SDS Max Hammers. In addition, it is also compatiable with all DeWalt SDS MAX/Hex combi hammers and breakers and specifically fits DeWalt’s Spline Drive Hammers; the D25553K, D25651K and D25851K. it can also be used for dust extraction with DeWalt’s Spline Hammer models D25553K, D25651K, and D25831K. Plus, this kit comes with three different lengths of dust boots. To use, you simply match the included dust boot to the length of chisel, which aids the operator in achieving maximum dust extraction. The DeWalt DWH053K is designed to hook up to any vacuum with the DeWalt universal hose connector. This connector allows the hose to swivel on the extractor and provides better hose retention, without the need of duct tape! The DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction can be used with pointed and flat chisels and bushing tools, but is most commonly used on any construction jobsite that demands a lot of necessary chipping functions.


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