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DeWalt Laser Plumb Bob Kit DW082K

November 30, 2012

The Rise of The Plumb-Bob

A plumb -bob originally got it’s name from the latin word plum bum meaning “lead”, and was later changed from plum to plumb with a little help from the French. Although it might be easy to infer that the origins of the name could possibly indicate that the plumb-bob was originally invented by the Romans, Scholars are not so sure. What is known, is that their is evidence of this tool being used in ancient times. So they very possibly could have been innovated in ancient Rome however scholars are not so sure of this, but still claim that there is much evidence that demonstrates plumb bobs have been used in ancient times and are largely held to have been quite useful in ancient Egypt during a period when Egypt was still constructing some of their most amazing architectural wonders. Plumb-bobs are used to make a vertical reference line referred to as a plumb line. Plumb-bobs are also used in surveying land, to establish a nadir, as well as are used in correlation with steel tapes. levels, and theodolites to determine where to correctly place a survey marker.

An Addition Long Over Due…

DeWalt Laser Plumb Bob Kit DW082K

Fast forward to modern times, look around, and this ancient classic is still a modern marvel.  Throwing their hat in the ring, DeWalt has taken the traditional plumb-bob and given it a long over due makeover. The DeWalt Laser Plumb Bob Kit  DW082K , is powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries and has an indoor visibility Range of +/-  100′ feet. In addition, this self-leveling plumb bob is accurate up to +/- 1/8″ at 50′, with a one button operation which is fast & easy to use. Sporting a tough design of overmolded housing helps aid you in maintaining the calibration under rugged job site conditions. A focused laser beam keeps the dot small, even over extended distances, which greatly improves accuracy and visibility. Also included with this kit is a set of locating magnets, which help mount the DeWalt laser plumb bob, to any convenient metal track, thus allowing easier  positioning. Also included is a cross-hair beam pattern, which is designed to help the operator locate the center of beam.

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