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May 16, 2012

  The DeWalt Mobile Work Center DWST20800 offers you the amazing convenience of an onsite work tool organizer, without the clumsiness of the big metal and tin organizers that  hardly ever offer a legitimate way to take your tools anywhere. Usually to have your full spread with you on the go, you would have to take select tools out and put them into your truck box or a tool bag, and then remember to put them away once you got back home. The DeWalt DWST20800 delivers on that mobility you crave, while still providing all the organization you need for those big projects on the go. It unfastens with a single front pull-up latch that easily opens to give you fast access to your tools. There are a total of four, top notch work levels to fill all of your hand and power tool needs, including a top tool box and tray with an optional choice to place on an opened up lid, a smart middle organizer section for your various hand tools, and an extra large bottom bin made specifically to compliment space enough for your personal power tools. Imagine being able to take all these tools from site to site with such convenience and style, DeWalt isn’t in the business of making dreams come true, but what working professional couldn’t say this is exactly what he was dreaming of! Engineered with a clever telescopic handle that offers your grip a comfortable ergonomic hold, this DWST20800 is  a smooth move and makes maneuvering just as trouble free as moving a dolly, plus the DWST20800 can also be lowered for storage in your garage, work shed, or house. So, now I’m sure you are thinking, “how do I get this box up in my truck?” No worries, the DeWalt team designed easy lift side handles and a lift up step, granting a convenient solution for getting the mobile work center back on the truck at the end of the day. The ball bearing in this mobile work center slides for smooth openings, even with very heavy loads. Looking for a way to organize your tools while crafting thatch huts in the amazon rain forest, while finishing up your last 6 months in the peace corp? No problem, with the DeWalt Tough System Mobile Work Center’s heavy duty wheels, specifically engineered for rough terrain, just pull up the comfortable ergonomically focused telescopic handle, tilt it back, and start walking. You might be surprised when your jungle guide gets tired before you do. The total weight is 21.42 pounds with a maximum weight capacity for the bottom bin of 44 pounds, the middle and top organizer can hold a maximum total of 22 pounds.

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