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DeWalt Multi-Chemistry Worksite Radio Charger DC012

June 22, 2012

 The yellow and black roll cage designed DeWalt Multi-Chemistry Worksite Radio Charger DC012 has the durability to rock on any job site you work, or even if your just looking for a radio to prop up on the back of your tailgate while watching fireworks. It has an engineered 1 hour charge or less, to make the charge quick and easy, note that this cordless worksite radio is not compatible with univolt batteries, requiring 7.2V to 18V DeWalt NiCd and Lithium-ion batteries. The front of the radio displays a digital tuner with LCD display, a built-in clock, and 8 station memory presets, making sure you don’t miss your favorite radio stations like NPR or for the less refined, Howard Stern.

Included in the design is a dual pivoting, 11″ flexible antenna, which specifically  boasts durability and cleaner reception for your incoming radio stations. Additionally, high efficiency weather resistant speakers are engineered with dual bass ports for maximum bass and range, busting out your favorite rock anthems and eighties power ballads… or Fergie and Lady GaGa, whichever you prefer, at toolup.com we don’t judge. A weather sealed charger door opens easily for fast battery changes as well as an iPod nest with front accessible auxiliary ports to slide your iPod in and start up your playlist on site. A heavy-duty AM/FM radio with auxiliary port, which offers the DeWalt DC012 user the options to listen to the radio, a CD, or their  MP3 Player. Another option of the DEWALT DC012, is that it includes a three stage charging system, which provides maximum run-time and extends overall battery life, ensuring your best friend bill won’t take a swan dive off your tailgate into the concrete because you and your co-workers dropped their outstretched arms when the music suddenly stopped. Finally, the Multi-Chemistry in the DC012 features a digital tuning ability & bass boost, for a bigger and better range of sound,  as well as a total of three built in  AC outlets so you can plug in other devices to your radio for a quick charge.

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