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DeWalt Psi 4.5 Gallon Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Compressor D55146 200

February 21, 2013

DeWalt Delivers Extra Elbow Grease,

Without Packing On The Love Handles

DeWalt Psi 4.5 Gallon Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Compressor D55146 200

The DeWalt Psi 4.5 Gallon Oil Free High Pressure Low Noise Compressor  D55146 200  is a  4.5 gallon, 1.6 Horse Power air compressor that delivers a continuous supply of air at 200 PSI. Additionally, the 200 PSI max tank has enough storage pressure to provide a whopping 80% more usable air, which is more than the industry leader! For an industrial air compressor weighing in at 8.5 pounds, it does not weigh much for the power and air it produces. Plus, the 5.0 SCFM  at 90 PSI allows the compressor a quick recovery after the initial tank charge has been completely exhausted. If appearing senile and decrepit when people are trying to speak to you, thanks to hours of self induced, deafening exposure to the noise, doesn’t suit you, then you may find your favorite feature to be the included 78 dBA operational noise level enhancement. The 78 dBA offers the DeWalt air compressor a notable quieter sound, which may allow you to still be able to hear those workman’s comp claims while they are happening, meaning that you may have time to record and post that Youtube video.

Transportation and Innovation!

A vertical stand feature, plus a collapsible handle, offer space saving alternatives as you transport or store the DeWalt D55146 compressor in a vertical position. In addition, 10″ non-flat foam tires allow for smooth transportation to, from, and around the job-site. Also, included “EHP” (efficient high pressure technology) is built into the DeWalt  air compressor, which allows for an overall longer pump and motor life, which also accompanies an oil free, maintenance free, pump for your most convenient use. A metal console panel with a 2 inch gauge allows for an easy to read surface which provides, displays, and protects the gauges, couplers, and regulator, and finally, the high flow coupler allows for maximum Nailer performance.

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