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DeWalt Self-Leveling Line Laser DW087K

August 21, 2012

DeWalt Self-Leveling Line Laser DW087K

Many people in the construction industry purchase the DeWalt DW087K Self-Leveling Line Laser with the intentions to do something as  simple as a cabinet job, yet find that once they start using the DW087K, its possibilities become endless. Big jobs to little jobs, residential to industrial, all will become a snap. Projects such as leveling your new garage foundation, remodeling a bathroom, or building an in-ground pool in the backyard, all these tasks and more become simplistic as you utilize the DeWalt Self-Leveling Line Laser.

This leveler proves easy to use in a plethora of applications. Simply insert three double A batteries, supplying the power source, then take it anywhere you need to use it. Inside or out, the DeWalt Self-Leveling Liner Laser will run for over 20 plus hours, for you. It can perform self-leveling within a range of 5 degrees and has an indoor visibility range of over 50 feet!

The DeWalt DW087K Self-Leveling Line Laser is a laser class two and comes complete with a Kit box. It delivers accurate +/- 1/8″ at 30′ for level applications, and will revolutionize the way you level your work. An included built-in magnetic pivot bracket mount is located on the Dw087k, and easily attaches onto any metal surfaces for a secure and handy placement on the job site. That being said, if the DW087K does fall, it has been made  with a tough plastic over molding housing to ensure that this line laser can take a hit. You will find the operation of the DeWalt DW087K is not complicated, the 1-button operation and control panel has been created for trouble free use.

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