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Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw

November 4, 2013

Fast and Well Balanced

Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14" 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw

The Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw is well balanced in the grip, ultimately offering a quick and sturdy solution for all of your applications, without wearing you out. In fact this handsaw is lauded as a “best buy” in regards to power-to-weight ratio in the industry. In addition, this Diamond saw is lightweight with a compact modern design and construction.

Smooth Running

The Diamond Products 03853 FC7314SLR 14″ 73cc Fast-Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw has a smooth start decompression valve, which is made to reduce start up force by 70% overall. In addition, a  5-stage filtration system is built to keep the saw running as nicely as the first day of use. Several helpful features included on the diamond is the fully adjustable blade guard, a powerful 73cc engine, as well as optimized cooling resulting from efficient air flow and fuel compensation, thus reducing the cylinder temperature. A handy water kit is also included, with standard garden hose, for a quick disconnect. Finally, the ignition coil with start support function is included for faster start up.

Quick Blade Action and Computerized Ignition

The quick action blade guard adjustment and belt tensioning, offers the best quick blade action possible. Additionally, a reinforced hood fastening system keeps the air cleaner cover, secure, and has better engine tuning that allows for minimal maintenance. Including  a computerized ignition with digital timing control for easy starting and a superior RPM control that offers consistent power is just one more thing that helps distinguish this saw from it’s peers. Finally, the improved fuel consumption and increased cutting efficiency sears through wood, plastics, and metals, and a new and proven mass dampening system  greatly reduces the operations vibration for operator comfort.

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