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Diamond Products 86911 Rider Saw Curb Cutter 2000 Hydraulic Grinder CC2000

June 26, 2012

A curb cutter is a tool needed for city planning to make a curb cut on local sidewalks for pedestrians. A curb cut is defined as a solid ramp, which is typically but not always constructed of concrete, and is graded down from the top surface of the sidewalk to the surface of the adjoining street. A curb cut is specifically designed for pedestrian use and is found in high traffic pedestrian areas. Michigan began using curb cuts in the 1940’s to aid employment of disabled veteran’s. Later, in 1990 the Americans With Disabilities Act sanctioned curb cuts as a mandated law. Curb cuts are no longer a pet project for city planners, but now are provided to support those with disabilities promoting access to streets and sidewalks. The NewYork City curb cuts PDF for city planning explains curb cuts very generally as  thus;

“The City regulates curb cuts to ensure the public’s safety”


Although the law was put in place to support the disabled, curb cuts benefit us all as we use them with our baby strollers, dollys, bikes, wagons, and skateboards. Curb cuts can also be utilized to keep parking lots and sidewalks;

 “ to allow for a drainage path of water runoff to flow into an area where it may infiltrate such as grass or a garden.”


Diamond Product’s notable CC2000 Rider Saw Curb Cutter 2000 Hydraulic Grinder can make curb cuts almost anywhere on any differing type of curb and it does so without incurring damage on the existing curbs or  roadways.  The 86911 accomplishes this with the inclusion of its precision diamond cutting technology. In addition, the CC2000 is a curb cutter that comes loaded with a specialized, John Deer water cooled diesel engine that boasts a hardy 100 horse power. This means that you can clear a 16 foot driveway opening in a single hour! To keep your CC2000 machine running throughout the day, it includes a 28 gallon fuel tank, a 75 gallon hydraulic oil tank, and a blade pump of 50 GPM’s of pressure flow compensation.












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