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Diamond Products CC7878XL-20 20″ Diesel Walk Behind Ez Rider Joint Saw 74Hp Duetz Diesel 29674

June 4, 2012

A joint saw is needed for industrial use on streets, roadways, and highways, as it prevents the damage heavy traffic incurs on a pavement joint, causing the slab to either move up or down. The slab movement commonly leads to subgrade pumping, which causes pavement damage. City planners know that without planned joints, the newly paved street will become riddled with random cracking within the first 72 hours of life. The random cracking is not just an aesthetic issue, it can be a detriment to the overall durability of the street pavement. Thus joints are critical and must be cut in order to control;

“ random cracking, accommodate slab movements, ensure joint locations match load transfer device placements, and divide the pavement into practical construction elements.”

-Iowa State University

The timing of the cuts are very important, as the hardening concrete will form a line of weakness, causing the concrete to crack below the sawcut instead of cracking randomly on the street surface, this is called an induced crack, and is preferable, as you can plan where the cuts will be made to keep the cracking below the street surface and down to a minimum.

The Diamond Products CC7878XL-20 20″ Diesel Walk Behind Ez Rider Joint Saw 74Hp Duetz Diesel 29674, keeps you cutting joints quickly and succinctly with a travel option of forward and reverse. Moreover, The Diamond Product 29674 keeps you moving and working at a fast pace with the hydraulic driven rear wheel and extra wide 5” adjustable wheels. The drive speed is fast with precise and stable steering, but also features a lower speed for a slower working pace when needed, or if you get caught in rush hour on the long ride home after a hard days work. There are three included lights for night sawing, an adjustable seat and steering, and the seat and foot rest on the 29674 Diesel Walk Behind Ez Rider Joint Saw is designed to be vibration free. What does that mean for you? Merely, that while as you are cutting joints in the pavement your body is not vibrating along with the movement of the  machine for several uncomfortable hours. Finally, a patented linear belt tensioner, gives the operator precise blade shaft alignment, and an automatic engine overheat and low oil shut off is engineered into the 29674 Ez Rider Joint Saw, both of which help ensure the sustained life of your machine.




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