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Diamond Products CC8072-36 36″ Diesel Rider Saw, 74Hp Deutz Motor – 36″ Guard 48542

June 8, 2012

When it comes to cutting through hard or abrasive materials such as concrete, stone, asphalt, bricks, coal balls, glass, and ceramics, diamond blades can deliver two times the cutting, with less total downtime, and consistently accurate depth cuts. A diamond blade is a saw blade that contains actual diamond gems fixed into its base. A diamond embedded saw blade works better when wet, as water prevents the blade from overheating, reduces the overall dust while sawing, removes the slurry from the cut, and extends the life of the blade. You can also periodically cool the blade as it spins freely out of the cut, this can be done with dry cutting. Cooling down the blade reduces the amount of silica in the air and OSHA has strict regulations pertaining to this lung contaminating dust.

The Diamond Products CC8072-36 36″ Diesel Rider Rider Saw 74Hp Deutz Motor – 36″ Guard 48542 produces a zero turn radius for precise turning control, as well as an arm that can be rotated to enter the cut up to a 10 degree angle. In addition, it can convert from an upcut to a downcut, in less than a minute, providing you the opportunity to perform exact joint widening or rehab work with simplistic efficiency. A 74-horse power diesel engine includes isolators that reduce vibration on the operator’s body, offering more comfort and ensuring an all around better experience. Other options abound with the 48542 as it can be used as a multi application platform that allows the saw to be utilized as a hydraulic power pack, or even a hydraulic driven blade shaft. Ultimately however it’s the rider saws ability to deliver consistency by providing a plethora of variable RPM’s without ever losing horse power that makes the CC8072-36 stand taller than the rest.






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