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DIY Breaking Up a Concrete Slab: Part 2 Union Tools Cutter Mattock 30136

January 19, 2013

Union Tools 30136 Cutter Mattock

Part Two of DIY: Breaking Up a Concrete Slab goes on to explain how to finish breaking up the concrete slab with the help of a mattock and bolt tool to cut out rebar.

How to Use the Mattock  on your Concrete Slab

Once the concrete is loose don’t try to use your bare hands to pick up the pieces, you will most likely find them impossible to move. Instead use a mattock to loosen the locked together chunks by prying them apart from each other, then with the same tool pull them up. If you are having problems lifting up the pieces, then try using the mattocks flat blade to un-lodge it and lift it up from the broken slab. The Union Tools 30136 Cutter Mattock is ideal for not only prying and breaking up the small pieces of concrete, but also for digging trenches, breaking up hard soil, and finally for cutting roots. With a 5-pound hard forged steel head, it’s made for durability and safety, all while it fractures compacted soil and works on broken concrete. The Union Tools 30136 Cutter Mattock features two heads of metal, one end hole blade, and one end cutter. The handle is not included, but uses a standard #6 pick/mattock handle and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Mesh and Rebar

At this point you will know if you have to deal with mesh and rebar. Mesh and rebar are put in to keep concrete from cracking, so it will give you a bit of a fight. Use a pair of bolt cutters to cut through the wire, if the bolt cutters do not do the job use a reciprocating saw with a metal blade. Once all the concrete is up throwing it away becomes a job in itself. Load it up in a power wheel barrow and properly get rid of it.

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