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DIY Grouting

June 12, 2012

If you’re ready to take on a quick easy DIY  project, grouting your floors is great  project to finish this summer. Here is the low down on grouting a basic tile floor.

Before you begin, make sure you check out a compiled list of your typical needs for grouting before you head down to your local supplier. Keep in mind that you must have the appropriate grout that is suitable to the type of grouting you are performing, a  sponge rubber grout float, and other simple household items you may already own, such as a bucket, an old tooth brush, latex or water for the mixing the grout, safety goggles, rubber gloves and knee pads.

 Grouting your Tiled Floor

Mix together your dry grout with water or latex mixing to the consistency of a stiff sour cream, not too thick. Also mix your grout in small amounts, as you lay it, you will notice it dries and becomes too stiff to work with, so small amounts work best. Now use the foam rubber float and scoop the grout out of the bucket. Pick a corner and make that your starting point as you work your way out toward the center of the room. Make sure that your tiles are set with mortar before you start the grouting. The mortar takes about three days to be completely set. Also ensure before beginning that the floor is clean and has been swept free of debris. Spread the grout across the face of the tile as you utilize your rubber grout float to remove excess grout off the top of the tiles, as well as fill between the tiles evenly. Twenty minutes after you have done this go back and wipe down the tile carefully with a clean sponge and a bucket of clean water. As you do this, rinse and wash out your bucket and sponge routinely to keep it fresh and clean from the grout build up.

Thats it! Basic stuff that you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. Happy grouting!





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