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DIY Projects That Inspire

January 23, 2013

Here we look at some inspired  pieces of furniture that can be built not only by pros, but do-it-yourselfer’s as well. In this article you will find some  truly conceptional and artistic pieces that will start up your brain waves and light a fire under your creative impulses!

The Pallet Bench


This pallet bench was built with two wood pallets, four bolts, and 12 screws that were attached with a drill like the DeWalt DWD115K Heavy Duty 3/8″ VSR Mid Handle Drill Kit . In addition, a few nails, and two 2-by-4′s were used. This is a sweet piece and could be a great conversation starter for you at your next family get together such as “Thanks to the election and the new tax hikes we’re paying, were going to have to do the whole house in pallet furniture”. The bench is the easy part, coming up with an intelligent and witty ice breaker to go along with it is the hard part.

 The Penny Countertop


This Do-It-Yourselfer painted her counter top black, soaked $50 worth of pennies in salt and vinegar and shined each one with a mixture of baking soda and water. With end-snips, each penny that was lined up along the edges was cut to size, before gluing each one on with the Stanley GR10 Mini Glue Gun. With every thing perfectly in place, finalize this counter top with a thick coat of epoxy placed over top of the pennies, then let it sit overnight and add a coat of polycrylic in the morning.





Custom Wall Night Lights


Carve any shape you desire out of a light weighted wood, which can be cut using a tool like the Makita JR3050T Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw. First cut out additional smaller shapes with some thick art board, then attach a single thumb tack behind the smaller cutouts to tack onto the wall. The main cutout (made of wood)  will have a small light affixed to the back of the cut out, which is attached to the wall. Plug it into the wall and… Voila! Instant magic for your childs room or even in your own room.






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