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DIY Sprinkler: Part One

July 23, 2012

Makita 18 V Compact Lithium Ion Cordless 1/2" Hammer Driver/Drill Kit BHP452HW

A DIY sprinkler job is an easy way to water a dry spot on the lawn as well as give the kids a fun way to spend the afternoon running and playing through the sprinklers water.

Step One

Gather together the supplies for your sprinkler including: 10 ft. ¾ inch PVC Pipe, 4 – 90° angle slip corners for ¾ inch PVC Pipe, 1 – ¾ inch PVC Pipe to female hose coupling, 1– ¾ inch PVC slip T, PVC pipe primer, Clear PVC pipe cement , Tape measure, PVC pipe cutter , Makita BHP452HW 18 V Compact Lithium Ion Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver/Drill Kit, and a 3/32 inch drill bit. Using a quality drill on all of your projects such as the Makita BHP452HW ensuring that every project is a success.

Step Two

Ridgid 23493 PC-1375

Cut the 10 foot length of PVC pipe into 6 separate pieces. Make  three  pieces 2 feet long and 5 inches, Cut two 14 inch pieces, and one 5 inch piece. Using a pipe cutter for this process is  worth it, a modest pipe cutter for Do It Yourself projects is the Ridgid 23493 PC-1375, which will be around $30.

                  Step Three

Time to use the primer! Apply the primer to the inside of each end corner joint, the T-joint, and the slip end of the hose connector. Additionally, prime each end of the individual pipe piece.

Step Four

The clear cement needs to be applied to each of the 14 inch pieces, stick it to the straight sides of the T joint and glue the 5 inch piece in the center part.




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