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DIY Sprinkler: Part Two

July 23, 2012

DIY Sprinkler

Part two of the DIY sprinkler project finishes up the final product and has a completed picture to the left. This sprinkler has been featured on Pinterest and several blogs, it has become a very popular summer project!

Step One

We are using the clear cement once again in order to create a square of PVC pipe that is durable and will not break apart. The square should be put together with the four long sides, the  should have four 90 degree corners, like the picture to the left.

Step Two

In different areas water pressure varies, for example many houses use 20 psi and others can be up to 60 psi. For this step begin drilling the small holes, a little at a time then test the sprinkler by running the hose through it, this will ensure that you receive the water height you desire, continue to add holes until it is the right height of water in correlation with your homes water pressure levels. Beware of  drilling too many  large holes on each side of the square, as this will sabotage your sprinkler and drop the water pressure, if this does indeed happen, there will be very little water  squirting out of the pipe, ,mainly because too many holes will make your sprinkler into a drip. Try drilling ten 3/32 inch holes on each side of the pvc pipe. Additionally, a hole slanting in a different direction from the hole sides will give the sprinkler more overall water height, if you so desire. If you would like to make it into a drip system for a garden bed, drill extra holes and make them larger.



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