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Eagle Manufacturing

June 18, 2012

Although they inevitably decided on Eagle Manufacturing as the company mantle, they just have easily could have selected an animal known for its ability to transform and/or adapt to survive. Why? Because Eagle Manufacturing truly epitomizes a company’s willingness to change with the demands and needs of the day in order to stay afloat during rough economic times.

Eagle manufacturing began in the year 1894 as a decorative glass factory, which is a far cry from the gas containers and Haz-Mat containment products it now produces. Later on, Eagle abandoned decorative glass and began to make metal lids for glass jars, which led to another change in 1907 after experiencing slowing demand. It was in 1907 where we begin to see a recognizable silhouette to the present day Eagle Manufacturing, as this metamorphosis leads to the manufacture of metal supply cans for the railroad industry.  These metal cans becoming of course, the predecessors of their current safety container line that Eagle has become so well known for.

Although they are arguably best known for their safety and gas containers, it was their pump oilers that was their bread and butter until the 1970’s, when they began to make products to meet the demands for OSHA’s safety regulations. In order to do so would require Eagle to expand their current line, and start producing new products such as cabinets for the storage of flammables. Following the success they experienced in the previous decade, Eagle found a way to build on that success in the 1980’s as they added Haz-Mat containment products to their burgeoning line.

Most Recently, Eagle has expanded to offer their clientele a complete range of guards and protectors. On their website, Eagle has listed this synopsis on their standards and tradition of company success;

“Throughout its history, Eagle has been universally recognized as a leader in providing innovative products. That tradition continues today. From concept, through design and testing, Eagle’s product development group utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Innovative design is only one part of a successful new product equation. Eagle’s management has committed the necessary resources to insure that manufacturing equipment and processes are also state-of-the-art.”

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