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EstWing Solid Steel Carpenters Hatchet 3.625″ Cutting Edge E32H

February 15, 2013

Are Carpenter’s Hatchets Obsolete?

Carpenter hatchets, otherwise known as rigging axes, were widely used years ago during the building boom following World War 2, as men found themselves mainly working with a lot of rough-sewn lumber they used for framing, shingling, and building new industrial and residential structures. In their day, carpenter’s hatchets were the very best balanced framing hammers available, but these days however, they are more commonly found among your camping gear than in your toolbox. In contrast to those that argue that carpenter’s hatchets are more suited for putting up tents and building campfires, there are those who believe that a tried and true carpenter’s hatchet is always the way to go for superior results while roofing. A carpenters hatchet allows a roofer to pull and chop excess pieces of wood and debris off the roof as they go. Additionally, Carpenter hatchets are also known for their wonderful balance in the hand. Thus leading us to conclude that carpenter hatchets may not be the go to hammer for the everyday Do-It-Yourselfer, especially for all of their hammering applications, but they are still quite handy for most people, performing most roofing projects.

For Superior Results

EstWing E32H Solid Steel Carpenters Hatchet 3.625" Cutting Edge

The EstWing Solid Steel Carpenters Hatchet 3.625″ Cutting Edge E32H has a cutting edge of 3.625″ and an overall length of 13″. This solid steel built carpenters hatchet is solid stainless steel, with the  head and handles being fully polished and forged into one piece. In addition, the E32H is also bonded and molded with a nylon vinyl shock reduction grip, which offers the utmost in both comfort and durability. With the EstWing Solid Steel Carpenter’s Hatchet, you will get the superior balance you desire, as well as the reduction in impact vibrations that you need.

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