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EstWing Tomahawk Axe Leather Grip ETA

July 25, 2013

Estwing has a new line of Tomahawks and Black Eagle Double Bit Axes including the Estwing Leather Black Eagle Tomahawk leather grip ETA, the Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe EBDBA, and the Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe E6-DBA.

EstWing ETA Tomahawk Axe Leather grip

The EstWing ETA Tomahawk Axe Leather Grip is 16.25 inches in length, and is an American-made Leather Black Eagle Tomahawk Axe, specifically designed for avid sportsmen and military professionals that use the tomahawk for breaching, excavation, extrication, trenching, cutting, and digging. Uses can also be applied to camping, scouting, fishing, and hiking. The lightweight design makes it easy to utilize and carry. The Black Eagle Tomahawk ETA is perfectly balanced and weighted, plus it is durable and made to last a lifetime, with a beautiful genuine leather grip. The American made  Tomahawk is forged into one piece out of genuine American steel. The Tomahawk Axe has an included sheath, with a black finish, and a beveled edge.

 The EstWing EBDBA Double Bit Axe Black is 17.18″ in length with a nylon vinyl grip that is entirely black matte on black with a vinyl shock reduction grip that is a fully forged one piece of genuine American Steel. In addition, the double blade offers double duty use as well as less sharpening. It comes with a sheath that covers the sharp beveled blades, that are designed to reduce problematic binding. In addition, the user can easily shape, split, and cut wood with the bit axe, that is made sharp and durable enough for professional lumberman.

EstWing EBDBA Double Bit Axe Blac



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