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Fall Protection

April 20, 2012

Fall protection is the number one most cited statutes that are violated by employers on the worksite. Fall protection falls into what OSHA calls the “Fatal Four”. A category including the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sights. Three out of five people who have died on the jobsite have died from one of these 4 categories. If worksites adhered to OSHA standards over 431 American lives would be saved every year.

Construction’s “Fatal Four”                                                                                        

  1. Falls – 260 out of 751 total deaths in construction in CY 2010 (35%)
  2. Electrocutions – 76 (10%)
  3. Struck by Object – 63 (8%)
  4. Caught-in/between – 32 (4%)


Falls are a big factor in protecting employees on the worksite. Fall protection equipment is usually divided up into these seven families:

  1. Anchor points
  2. Body Harnesses
  3. Carabiners
  4. Fall Protection Kits
  5. Lanyards Lifeline systems
  6. Positioning Devices
  7. Retractable Lanyards

In order for employers to be compliant and meet OSHA standards this proper equipment is needed in order to protect workers and at the same time bring a company into compliance with OSHA, ultimately saving it from lawsuits and fines.

SafeWaze 1321L Saturn Welding Harness with Tools Belt Waist and back D-Ring is made of 6k Min Poly Nomex and includes a grommet leg connection, a waist and back D-ring, with a weight capacity of 310 lbs. This harness was developed specifically for welders, it features webbing covered with Dupont Nomex to resist damage from the splatter and char tempatures up to 700° F! This is one tough harness that is highly durable yet lightweight and of course it meets all fire retardant requirements.

SafeWaze 4650-3 BeamWalk I-Beam Anchor has a lightweight low friction design that allow smooth movement, it is easily portable and adjusts from both sides, enabling the connecting D-ring to be centered on the beam. Depending on your personal preference this unit can be mounted either on top of or below the beam.

The SafeWaze 20000 Fall Protection Roofing Kit is designed to meet your roofing needs with a SafeLight Harness with Lanyard, a 50′ Lifeline with attached rope grab and two disposable anchors all in a convenient safety bucket.





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