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Finishing, Framing & Brad Nailers

April 30, 2012

Knowing What To Know About Nailers Part 2

Where finish nailers countersink the nail purposely so you can then fill and disguise the hole and the nail, framing nailers are not nearly as subtle. Framing Nailers are for nailing almost all non-metal woodwork that could be considered construction. A typical framing nailer can drive 6d, 8d, 10d, 12d or 16d nails.

The pneumatic air framing nailer is the most relied upon by wood workers. Although having to not only purchase but deal with the compressed air tanks may look to be a hassle, many times it out weighs the annoyance simply because of of its powerful ability to drive nails through any hard surface easily. In addition using compressed air means the user doesn’t have to deal with the effects of chemical corrosion that may occur in gas or powder actuated nail guns.

Brad Nailers such as the Porter Cable CFBN125A, are primarily used for furniture building and roofing guns, as the name implies are for laying shingles and are designed to most efficiently drive nail sizes suited for the task.

5 Simple Steps For Maintaining Your Nail Gun

Knowing how to take care of your gun can help you avoid jamming and help you preserve your gun against potential problems and repairs. Here is a simple list of steps you can take to keep your nail gun in good condition;

  • Switch off nail gun and disconnect from main power supply. If it is cordless, remove the batteries as your power source.
  • Clean the nail gun body off completely of any debris.
  • Clean the magazine release lever as well as the trigger.
  • Worn and damaged parts should always be replaced only by a qualified personnel or manufacturer.
  • Refer to qualified service personnel if internal maintenance is required.
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