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Make a Fire Pit in Your Backyard For Summer: Part One

August 8, 2012

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Roasting marshmellows and camping out with the kids is all a part of summer traditions. But how cool would it be if this year you could do all of this right in your backyard! Here is a step by step instruction of how to make a fire pit with firebrick, a concrete cap, and pea gravel to surround the fire pit. Fire brick is a larger type brick you can find at home improvement stores, it is a brick with ceramic materials that is capable of withstanding intense heat and is many times found in furnaces and fireplaces.

  Step One

 Marking Your Fire pit

Decide the size of your fire pit’s dimensions, most are about 4 feet in diameter. While choosing a spot for your fire pit, be sure to choose a level part of your yard in which to build the fire pit on. If your base is is not level, add extra soil, then tamp the soil down to make sure it is solid. Now you can begin marking your perimeters with spray paint such as Krylon 3614 Quick-Mark SB Inverted Marking Paint in Fluorescent Neon Green. To begin,  mark the dimensions for your pit, start by working outward from the center point of the fire pit. Put a stake in the very center radius, then tie a string to the stake. Measure out about 2-3 feet, then start spray painting as you walk in a circle holding the string attached to the stake in your hand, making a large perfectly shaped circle. If you have grass growing in the area, cut it out and apply a herbicide to halt any grass regrowing, any unwanted soil should also be removed.

Step Two

  Digging the Firepit Hole and Laying the Initial Bricks

Your Fire pit area should be dug out to compliment the size of your firebricks length. For example if your firebricks are  6″ high, dig the pit area down 6″. This will allow the base row of firebricks to be at surface level. Begin installing the first row of bricks, remember this row has to be level from front to back and side to side, as it determines the stability of the entire firepit.  Then install the second row of bricks, staggering them as you go so the vertical joints or seams are offset.




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