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Gardner Bender 10,000 Lbs. Cable Puller CP10K

December 29, 2012

The Big Easy

Gardner Bender 10,000 Lbs. Cable Puller CP10K

The Gardner Bender 10,000 Lbs. Cable Puller CP10K  has residential and commercial capabilities with its 1.7 horse power motor, and a pulling capacity of 10,000 pounds! Although the Gardner Bender is big, it can still be utilized with a “one person set up” making it a snap to begin using in as few as three easy to follow steps. First, pump the main boom to 30˚. Second, align with the conduit properly and adjust booms. Third, flip the booms into position and lock. Lastly, place in the conduit and start using. In addition to it’s easy setup, another nice feature of the CP10K, is that it does not require disassembly.


Gardner Bender paid special to the engineering of the CPK10K’s motor. The motor and gearing is designed specifically for heavy-duty cable pulling for residential or commercial applications. The motor also provides a consistent and powerful pulling power at less amperage, which adds to the machines durability at a steady pull speed.

Made for One Operator

The Gardner Bender has 5 conduit adapters 2″ – 4″, which are stored conveniently onboard, plus they do not need to be fastened to conduit. An extended boom allots 12′ of cable to be pulled from the conduit to the capstan, and this accompanied by a non-reverse design on the planetary gears capstan, ensures that the CP10K will not reverse, but still allows the  pulled cable to return automatically. The quick tool-less angle adjustment, spring loaded pin, reduces the risk of loss and adjusts up to 300˚ which allows the operator the ability to easily change the pulling directions. Finally, swiveling casters are included to allow the Gardner Bender to move easily on dirt or gravel. With its long list of improved and/or proprietary features, the Gardner Bender CP10K 10,000 pound cable puller is easily one of the better cable pulling machines on the market.

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