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Gardner Bender B2000 Cyclone Electric-Powered Bender Complete

April 15, 2012


The Gardner Bender B2000 Cyclone Electric-Powered Bender Complete ┬ámakes electric bending a one man job as it easily provides one shoe bends 1/2″ to 2″ Rigid, as well as Rigid aluminum, EMT and IMC 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ PVC coated Rigid conduit with no loose parts. It has the aptitude to make repetitive bends at the very same desired degree. The B2000 also comes complete with a hook attachment on a pendant control that frees your hands as you work with the conduit, this is another step in the direction of engineered ease and comfort for the individual that is manning the B2000 alone. The ┬áB2000 Cyclone has the added capability to create precise offset bends, this is in thanks to the vertical and horizontal positions the B2000 Cyclone permits. In addition to all of these pluses the B2000 cyclone also requires very minimal training time due to how easy to use this unit is.


The B2000 Cyclone has increased mobility with four large tire wheels that make moving the Cyclone a snap. If you prefer to use a fork lift while on the job however, you can utilize the fork lift tubes, which are already built into the base of the B2000. that allow easy lifting and transport capability for your convenience.

The Specifics

The Gardner Bender B2000 Cyclone has a low volt at 95 and a high volt at 132 and is engineered with an automatic shut off that aids in protecting the electrical components inside from voltage surges and drops. The B2000 also includes a resetting circuit breaker that aids in the exchanging of fuses, eradicating the irksome, off the job downtime, required to service the machine. Also, included are stronger upright handles, new stronger legs, and a storage area for your supplies while the conduit is in use.

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