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Generac 8125 Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator XP6500E

May 29, 2012

Generac’s XP6500E from its XP Series, has a total of 6500 running watts, with a max output of 8125 max watts, which makes this the perfect portable generator for most people’s needs. The Generac XP6500E 8125 Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator features a handy push button electric start with a backup pull start. One of the best additions to this generator, is its ability to charge it’s own battery with the adapter that comes included with purchase. The Generac OHVI stands for overhead valve industrial engine, which includes a full pressure lubrication and spin-on filter. This Generac 8125 Watt, 410cc generator has an exclusive construction grade generator that has the protection, stability, and durability to handle almost all jobsite conditions. Uncomplicated to use in a multitude of useful applications, whether your constructing, camping, or just want to power up your pressure washer for family fun in the sun, Generac’s XP6500E portable generator is the ideal candidate for your needs. In addition, it has fold up handles for trouble free transportation and mobility.

So now that we’ve looked over the frame, lets discuss what’s under the hood. What you’ll find is that the Generac XP6500E, 8125 Watt, 410cc Portable Gas Powered Generator has an A/C rated output wattage of 6500, an A/C maximum output wattage of 8125, an A/C voltage of 120/240VAC, and an A/C Frequency of 60 Hz. It’s specifications are; 120/240 VAC Amperage of 27.1, max 120/240 VAC Amperage: 33.9, engine displacement of 410cc, engine type is OHVI, with an engine displacement of 3600 RPM’s. The recommended Oil is SAE 30; the proper lubrication Method is full pressure, and the choke type is displayed on the control panel. The fuel shut off is located on the control panel and the idle speed has a maximum of full speed, with a starting method that is optional with either electric or manual.

The included battery size is 12VDC 10 Ahr. In addition, a built in tank that can hold a total of nine gallons of gas and run for a total of 14 hours. The Generac Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator XP6500E 8125 has a residential warranty for three years and a commercial two year manufacturer warranty.

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