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Giving your power tools a longer life

April 26, 2012

Daily Maintenance

Each and every time you use your power tool you should  diligently brush, vacuum, or wipe off  accumulated dust and grime from the work site. Always keep the power tool in a zipped bag or tight lidded box. This will protect your power tool from any dust that may settle on your tool while not in use. Inspect your power cords for nicks and always replace worn out cords displaying frayed jackets or exposed wires. Check all moving parts and inspect to ensure they are working smoothly. Look for loose screws and bolts, tighten up any that have spotted.  Lastly, test a circular saw’s blade brake, it should stop the blade when you release the trigger.

Yearly Maintenance

There should be a yearly date on your calendar to inspect and service each of your power tools and make needed repairs. Some of the highlights of this inspection should include looking  for cracks in motor housing, never use a tool with cracks larger than a hairline. Lubricate parts where metal rubs on metal, this will keep your power tool running smooth internally. File any nicks in the shoe plates of jig saws and circular saws, if you can’t do this have it serviced at a local retailer. If you have any questions call your tool manufacturer, most have local representatives that can help. Always follow the instructions on each tool’s manual for specific maintenance procedures and keep the specific manuel for each power tool where you can easily access it yearly.


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