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Greenlee 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool HKL1232

August 8, 2013

Quality Constructed for Big Crimps

Greenlee 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool hkl1232

In the true Greenlee brand style, Greenlee has given their Greenlee HKL1232 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool a top quality construction, which is crafted from only the most durable materials to create a superior handheld crimping tool. The hkl1232 Greenlee crimper performs 24,000 pound crimps, making this crimper strong enough for almost sny crimp imaginable. With a lightweight design, it is light enough to lift with one hand at a lengthwise  measurement of 24 1/4″. Also included in the design, are well built strong fiberglass handles, which aid by taking away some of the incurring weight that metal or other heavier materials would distribute to the handles, and subsequently the user.

Accepts Alternative Brand “U” Style Dies

 In addition, this Greenlee 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool now accepts Greenlee “U” style dies, as well as other leading brand industry “U” style dies that are suited for 12-ton tools. Furthermore, diversifying the Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool lends to not only a cost effective selling proposition, but also the flexibility that comes from having unspecialized options.

Two Speed Ram

The Greenlee 12-Ton Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool HKL1232 has a two-speed ram that advances fast, as well as the ability to shift to lower speeds to complete the crimp for you, ultimately making this one of the very best crimpers available. Two additional features are a push button that permits the dies to be inserted and removed easily, as well as the “C” style head, which has a 1.2″ opening for easy placement on connectors.

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