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Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 120V Charger ESG105LU11

November 19, 2013

Power Cables Don’t Stand a Chance


Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 120V Charger ESG105LU11

The Greenlee ESG105LU11 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 120V Charger now includes a cable cutter, a battery, and a 12 volt charger. No doubt, this power tool is a super hero, as the cutter gets the toughest jobs done, all while it demonstrates it’s strong construction and superior design. Greenlee’s ESG105LU11 Gator Cable Cutter easily withstands many worksite abuse scenarios, such as being able to withstand above average drops. These features in addition to the ESG105LU11′s ability to cut through cables and power lines with ease is why Greenlee has coined this tool as the “ideal solution for professional cutting of large diameter copper and aluminum power cables that have up to a 4 inch capacity”.

The Precision Decision

Greenlee makes your choice easy!  That’s because their group of highly skilled engineers have designed the Greenlee ESG105LU11 with quality precision blades that offer up to 40 cycles per charge, all while only requiring 28 minutes of recharge time before the tool is re-usable. Futhermore, the Gator works hard to make your cuts cleaner and smoother than ever, even as compared to high end cable cutters offered by competitive brands.  Additionally, this Gator Cable cutter has a unique guillotine designed cutting head, that has a uniquely placed bolt that interlocks, all of which ultimately provides the operator with complete control throughout their cut, without requiring them to tug or pull. All together, these features provide the operator with much improved overall safety.

Lightweight with a Dual Handle

The Greenlee ESG105LU11 18 volt battery powered Gator Cable cutter is superior in its lightweight design as well as its small and modern compact design. Easy to transport due to its small size, and Li-Ion 3.0 Ahr battery, means that you almost don’t notice it while your using it. A handy dual position handle aids in operation, as does the 350 degree rotating head.


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