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Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger ESG105LU12

October 8, 2013

Power Cables Don’t Stand a Chance


Greenlee 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger ESG105LU12

The Greenlee ESG105LU12 18V Battery-Powered Gator Cable Cutter with 12V Charger is no bare tool, as it comes to you complete and ready for use with a cable cutter, and a battery, as well an efficient 12 volt charger. No doubt, this power tool is for professionals only, as the cutter gets the toughest jobs done, all while it easily facilitates the biggest of jobs. Greenlee’s Gator sears through the toughest of cuts with a strong construction that is married to a truly quality design.  The Greenlee ESG105LU12 18 volt cutter easily withstands many hazardous worksite conditions and treatment that can occur throughout the normal course of cutting through power lines and cables. Greenlee has made their ESG105LU12 cable cutting tool, the absolute ideal solution for professional’s that are cutting 4-1/8” Diameter or 105mm communication cables, Cu cables and AI power cables.

A Clean Cut

The Greenlee Gator makes choosing easy!  That’s because Greenlee’s stock of premium engineers have designed the Greenlee ESG105LU12 with quality precision blades, that are able to make the cleanest, precision cuts available. Furthermore, with the ESG105LU12 downtime is not an issue, as the tool has up to 41 cycles per charge and takes only 28 minutes of recharge time, before it is ready to be reused. Another great feature of the ESG105LU12  Gator Cable Cutter is that it provides it’s user with a unique guillotine designed cutting head. This head has an unusually placed bolt that interlocks, and which allows it’s user with complete control throughout the entire cutting process. This important feature eliminates the need for tugging or pulling, as it provides additional safety and cutting control for its operator.

Easy Transportation

The Greenlee ESG105LU11 18 volt battery powered Gator Cable cutter embraces it’s modern design by having a compact body that is only 23” long. It also features a lightweight feel and balance, creating the possibility of a one handed operation if required. Also, transportation is much less cumbersome, thanks again to that smaller body size, as well as it’s Li-Ion 3.0 Ahr battery that leaves no plug required!  Finally, a handy dual position handle aids in operation, as does the 350 degree rotating head.

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