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Greenlee 4.4 Volt Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Cobalt Lithium-Ion Battery LCS-144

August 27, 2012

Greenlee 4.4 Volt Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Cobalt Lithium-Ion Battery LCS-144

There has been a new development in the circular saw world recently and it focuses on new battery operated models, which have a much smaller blade size. Compared to older models which have  traditionally had blades over 7 inches in length, these new battery operated circular saws carry a compact 4-inch blade.

So why make such a small tool with a small blade? These smaller circular saws carry their own advantegous such as cutting drywall, paneling, or cutting 1/4 inch plywood… And they are also perfect for doing higher cuts such as ceiling cuts. In addition, having no cord to contend with while your standing on a ladder with a rapidly moving circular blade spinning above your head, is just plain stupid smart. This coupled with this saw’s extremely light weight, makes it ideal for this particular application.

Although, we listed several of the advantages of this saw keep in mind that this unit really is small and as such does not have the horsepower for heavier applications, meaning that you may not be able to cut more than a couple 2×4′s at a time.

That being said, the Greenlee LCS-144 4.4 Volt Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Cobalt Lithium-Ion Battery¬†really is handy and is designed to be clutch for specialized applications.¬†Although small, it is designed to cut almost any metal for you, while its compact size allows it to work in areas where traditional models can’t compete. Included in the design is the great addition of a LED work light that illuminates your working area. In addition its high capacity 14.4 volt Li-Ion battery will work hard for you while also offering fade free power. Finally, as with most newer saws the Greenlee Metal Cutting Circular Saw offers an electric break stop which will bring the blade to a halt instantly.

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