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Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

September 7, 2013

Ability to Cut a Wide Range of Cutting Materials

Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

Providing the ability to cut through almost anything makes this cutter a valuable tool to have on hand, in the shop, on the site, and in the company truck. The Greenlee SDG45 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter is the go to cutter for professionals in the industry, as this cutter can  perform cuts on a large variety of materials. Almost any tough material is game with this tool as it makes cuts even on materials such as ACSR  1/2″ or 13mm guy strand and ground rods.

 Lightweight Design

Complete with a modern lightweight design, the Greenlee 45mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45 illustrates this in it’s small compact design that is only 13.4″ in length. Ultimately by keeping the tool minimized was a key focal point for the Greenlee engineers, because doing so helps to keep the tool easy to balance, even allowing it to be utilized with a one handed operation by the user, which is essential when cutting in small and compact spaces. The profile of the tool blade is built specifically to cut steel such as; 5/8″ ground rods, 1/2″ rebar, and 5/8″ wire rope. The patented locking pin is another part of the design, as well as the closed guillotine head, which allots for additional user safety while they are performing various cuts.

Specifics of the Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45 tool

The Guillotine Cutter has a connector at 3/8” NPT male screw-type and can cut cables in diameter of 1-3/4″ or 50 mm, handling several applications such as cable communications, Cu cables, AI cables, and power cables.

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