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Greenlee 55 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG55

September 28, 2013

The Go to Cutter of Choice



Tougher, bigger, and badder than the SDG45, the Greenlee SDG55 55 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter  accomplishes all the 45 can do and more!  This cutter should be a staple on every jobsite, as professionals tend to have a multitude of daily cutting needs and applications. So what makes the SDG55 so good, well one example is that it can easily sear through 55 mm Remote ACSR! The Cable Guillotine Cutter is the professional’s go to cutter, because it allows them to cut rebar one day, and a steel cable the next. This cutter is not designed for any specific application or industry niche; in fact this cutter’s design and shape are ideal for a variety of tasks meaning that it is best suited for cutting a wide range of materials.

Every Professional Needs This Tool!

Essential for every shop, every worksite, and every professional to have on hand, the Greenlee Cable Guillotine SDG55, is quite simply a handy do it all tool. Cutting just about anything you throw its way, the numerous materials it can cut include; communication cables, Cu cables, and AI power cables measuring 2 1/8” or 50mm. It also handles connector cables that measure 3/8” NPT Male the screw-type. ACSR cable 2515 kcmil MCM, standard guy strand 5/8” 16mm, EHS guy strand 9/16” 14mm, ground rod: 3/4” 19mm, tough thick rebar measuring 5/8” 16mm, and wire rope 5/8” 16mm. At the end of the day, the SDG55 is so versatile, you will never know how you ever lived without it!

Designed with Various Tasks in Mind

Although just a little bit bigger than the Greenlee SDG45, the SDG55 is still quite light in weight making it very simple to travel with as well as ideal to use when completing jobs on the road, and it has a length of 15” or 380mm.  In addition, it has an exceptional blade profile, which is included into the design of the SDG55, ultimately offering the tool the ability to cut through steel.  Finally, because cutting causes safety risks, Greenlee takes great strides to head this off with a design specific, patented locking pin and a closed guillotine head, both of which are used cooperatively and in conjunction to provide improved user safety.

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