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Greenlee 555ESC Electric Classic Bender with Single EMT Shoes

December 25, 2013

The Classic is Back by Greenlee

Greenlee 555ESC Electric Classic Bender

If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. This just well may be the mantra for the classic, trendsetting, and innovative Greenlee 555ESC Electric Classic Bender with Single EMT Shoes. The 555 Classic Bender comes ready to bend with one  1/2″-2″ EMT Shoe Group. Greenlee has been the premium name for creating quality tools and machines that every electrician has come to know and trust for over a century. Greenlee benders are considered top of the line and you will be hard pressed not to find one on any major electrical project or installation. With over 100 years of innovating, testing, perfecting and then further innovating, it is no wonder that Greenlee has been able to capture and maintain such a sizable share of the market.

Bends Made By Greenlee’s Classic Bender

The Greenlee 555ESC Electric Classic Bender  works hard  for you with a centerline bend radius of 1/2” – 4-5/16”, 3/4” – 5-1/2”, 1” – 7”, 1-1/4” – 8-13/16”, 1-1/2” – 8-3/8”, 2” and – 9-1/4”. It is outfitted with an EMT conduit for power, and has an optional PVC coated Rigid conduit shoe group, which can be used on all 555 series benders including the most recent models manufactured by Greenlee.

Great For Field Work

The 555ESC Classic Series is designed to be used by anyone, thanks to the inclusion of simple relay controls for easy and quickly executed field repairs. In addition, it also has a compact handle design to prevent the user from interfering with the conduit when they are bending.

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